Selected Poetry From our Collection

Poems for our Annual Poetry Contest are lovingly accepted year-round at Contest Winners will be invited to read their poems in person at our Celebration of Mothers event, held on the Saturday before Mother's Day each year.  


by Andrea Wood (2017 1st Place, over 18) 

Clay pots and plastic planters alike

Are heavy-laden with ripe tomatoes

Soon for the bowl on the kitchen table.

The lilies bow in the heat,

Planted at the edge of the trees

For the afternoon shade -

You were thoughtful as always.

This year, I am visiting in summer.

You’ll show me the new irises

And we’ll sit with the cat winding

Around the wrought iron legs

Of the patio furniture.

Like the Tide

by Cassidy Vogel (2017 1st Place, age 12-21) 

The girl I was sent your hands flying

Away from my hair and cheeks

I thought they were mine


In photos I was smaller than our gray cat

Our insides sounded the same

I was all yours


The bookshelf that you grew up with

Lives in my bedroom without me

Hugging books we read together


I played in your closet

Swimming in sequins and platform sneakers

Stealing your lipsticks and crumbled eye shadows


Your birthday is September

You were always August to me

Warm, blue, saturated in beach


Grandma always told me you were perfect

I only knew you in superlatives and tulips

The mark you left around the magnolia


I have a book of notes we wrote each other

I wished my handwriting were like yours

I pretended your favorite things were mine too


May brought me palm trees and empty bedrooms

I moved far from you, our aloe plant

Your silky sweater I like to borrow


I’m closer to the ocean, like where you grew up

I imagine a younger you on my coastline

I think how daughters move to mothers like the tide

Spring in the Garden

by Julian Traut (2017 1st Place, under 12) 

Swoosh swash

Swoosh swash

That is the sound

Of the tree’s leaves

Blowing in the wind


Bizzz buzzz

Bizzz buzz

That is the sound of the bees wings

Buzzing in the warm spring air


Titt tatt

Titt tatt

That is the sound

of the Woodpecker

Tapping at the Old ash tree


Crack crunch

Crack crunch

That is the sound

Of Mother and Son

Taking a stroll in the garden.

My Mother was Beautiful and Vain and I Wish I Could Tell Her

By Clarinda Harriss (2016 1st Place, over 18)

--that I envied her shapely white hands

when I held them in my knobby spotted hands

before I fled her bedside

fled that sickening hospital room

--that if her doctor or I had known

she was dying I’d have rescued her

after her own escape attempts failed

and brought her back to her lovely house

--that as she lay flat on her back

dying in the gawky mechanical bed

her skin stretched taut over her tiny frame

I envied the dramatic bones of her face

--that I live in her house now

though I tore her purple velvet heart

by telling her I’d never ever live where

I’d been so miserable all my teen years

--that even though I added a big kitchen

I kept the tin ceiling of the little one because

I love that house and how she haunts it

and I’ve bought it some new copper gutters.

No Greater Love

By Sonja Merchant-Jones (2016 2nd Place, Over 18)

There is no greater love

that comes to mortal mind

No greater love to speak of, nothing so divine

You try to write a story, a letter? say a word?

because her love just hangs upon you

like a singing Summer bird

The heart of a mother; around her children tight,

a love that's more than legend, deep as a velvet night.

There is no greater love upon this troubled earth

than that of a mother to those she has given birth

it flies beyond what's special; fireworks in July

she lights upon our lives like those works light up the sky

I'll end upon this note, there is too much more to say

It's just an all seasons' kind of love that never goes away....

My Mother

By Ada Asanya (2015, Under 18)


My Mother is intelligent

She’s brave and very kind

No one can top this great Mother of mine

I love her more than anything

Any place or site I’ve seen

Her smile is white

She’s very bright

She always hugs me very tight

As I’ve grown and learned and played

I’ve come to love her more each day

On Mother’s Day it would be nice to play

But I’d rather stay by her side

And that’s where I’ll spend the day

Mother Mother

by Dareus Smith (2015, Under 18)


Mother Mother you’re like the sea

And candy on a tree

Your leaves blow like the wind

You’re nice

Like candy, you’re sweet like sugar

I couldn’t ask for a better Mom like you

I love you Mom

I hope you love me too

Your eyes sparkle like the stars

Your hair flows like the sea

I love you Mom like a honeybee

Types of Mothers

by Sophie Anderson (2015, Under 18)


There are many types of Mothers

Some make people that have brothers

Some are tall

Some are short

Some build walls

Some play sports

Some bake lots and lots of pies

Some tie their children’s’ ties

No matter what type of Mother you are

Your child thinks you’re the best by far

So kids give your Mothers hugs

And “Best Mom in the World” mugs

Because today is that day

That very special day

To tell your Mom you love her

In a very special way

Mother’s Day Poem

By Kate Oswald (2014, 1st place)


Waiting for the plane to land

Walking off the plane

Hearing the click-click of the flight attendant’s shoes

The last 10 seconds are always the longest

Mom’s black and white dress swirling around me in a hug

The smell of gardenias overwhelms me

Signing the coming home papers

Back home again

Safe with Mom

Momma’s Plant

By Chloe Yearwood (2012, Under 18)


Momma planted me

as a tiny seed. She buried me

under the ground.


She prayed to God, in all her faith

That the “perfect” me

would be found.


She watered me with showers

of love. She enriched me with life.


She filled my world above with peace

And protected me from strife.


I grew and grew, and flourished

into something new. And now my

stem stands tall, and my petals

beautiful in all.


I owe it all to you, Momma



by William Moore (2012, Under 18)


A person who cares

And a person who shares

Her love with others.

This is the definition

of a Mother.

My Mother

by Nicholas Benjamin (2012, Under 18)


My Mother is always helping me, always by my side.

My Mother is always there for me, I never have to hide.

My Mother always cares for me, she swarms me with love.

My Mother is a gift from God, from Heaven above.

My Mother seems so stressed at times, how hard can it be?

No matter what I do, she is always loving me.



by Imani White  (2012, Under 18)


Baby, baby, laugh and cry

Stinky diapers, lullaby

From chasing a squirrel, to kissing a girl

From having tea, to a shopping spree

For the baby has grown

into a wonderful stepping stone.

All the hard work of the diaper and clothes,

To tying shoes and bows, it came to this.

Your child has grown, and has a family of their own.

They are becoming something great.

Because the Mother is behind them,

to support and congratulate.